We enjoy speaking and preaching on several topics. Together and individually.

Our favorite method is to speak through a passage—or a book—of the Bible. But we also enjoy speaking on the following topics:





Spiritual Growth

Processing Pain

Christian Education


Writing & Communication

The Arts


We have developed the following retreat programs thus far and would be happy to talk about your event plans or needs.

 20 Things We’d Tell Our Twentysomething Selves on the Life of the Mind, the Life of the Heart, and Faith in Action (Peter & Kelli)

 God’s Design for Marriage from Genesis and Song of Solomon (Peter & Kelli)

 Pierced & Embraced on several of Jesus’ meetings with women in the Gospels (Kelli)

The Drama of Grace on the book of Ruth (Kelli)


See our speaking schedule below. And please contact us for more information. 


Here is a schedule of some of our recent and upcoming speaking events. 


January—September   Interim pastor (Peter)                                Grace Community Church

March 13                       Speech Meet (Kelli)                                      Trinity Oaks Christian School

April 11                          Women’s Brunch (Kelli)                               New Life Portage Park  

May 1-3                          Mother/Daughter Retreat (Kelli)                 Lake Geneva Youth Camp

May 11                            Poetry Workshop (Peter)                            Westminster Christian Academy

May 15                           Women’s Breakfast (Kelli)                           Westlake Christian Academy

May 15-17                      Young Marrieds Retreat (Peter & Kelli)       Moody Church      

June 21                          Father’s Day Sermon (Peter)                       First Baptist Church of Downer’s Grove

July 12-18                       Junior Coed Camp (Peter)                          Lake Geneva Youth Camp

September 4-7              Family Camp (Peter)                                    Lake Geneva Youth Camp

September 13                Sunday Service (Peter)                                Warrenville Bible Chapel

October 6                     Chris Fabry Live! (Peter & Kelli)                  WMBI

October 8                     Chapel (Peter & Kelli)                                   Moody Bible Institute

October 9-11                 Marriage Retreat (Peter & Kelli)                  Lake Geneva Youth Camp

November 7                  Building Families (Peter & Kelli)                   WMBI    



January 3 & 10              Morning Services (Peter)                             Warrenville Bible Chapel

February 3                     Founder's Week (Kelli)                                Moody Bible Institute

February 20                  Women's Retreat (Kelli)                               Faith Fellowship Church

April 9                           Women's Event (Kelli)                                  Covenant Presbyterian Church

April 22-23                     Women’s Retreat (Kelli)                              Grace Community Bible Church

April 29-May 1               Women’s Retreat (Kelli)                               Monadnock Bible Conference

May 22                           Morning Service (Peter)                              Chinese Chirstian Union Church, Chicago                           

May 29                           Morning Service (Peter)                              Chinese Christian Union Church, Chicago

June 3-5                         Family Camp (Peter & Kelli)                         Minooka Bible Church

Sept 16-18                   Women’s Retreat (Kelli)                         Woodside Bible Church, Mackinac Island, MI

Sept 22-24                  Women’s Retreat (Kelli)                          Lake Ann Camp, Lake Ann, MI

Sept 29-Oct 1             Women’s Retreat (Kelli)                          First Baptist, Downer’s Grove, IL

Oct 2                           Morning Service (Peter)                         Warrenville Bible Chapel, Warrenville, IL

Oct 9                          Morning Service (Peter)                          Warrenville Bible Chapel, Warrenville, IL

                                    Evening Service (Peter)                           Moody Church, Chicago, IL

Nov 4-6                       Women’s Retreat (Kelli)                         First Free Church, Chicago, IL

Nov 11-13                     Women’s Retreat (Kelli)                         Park Community Church, Chicago, IL



Feb 4-5                       College Retreat (Peter & Kelli)               Light Co., Newton, Iowa

Feb 18                         Ask the Author (Kelli)                             Village Church of Gurnee, Gurnee, IL

Feb 24-25                   Marriage Retreat (Peter & Kelli)             Gages Lake Bible Church & Grace Community Bible Church, Gages Lake, IL

March 4                     Inspire Women's Conference  (Kelli)      Elmbrook Church, Brookfield, WI

March 17                    Supper Series (Kelli)                                Grace Community Bible Church, Grayslake, IL

March 18                    Marriage Workshop (Peter & Kelli)         Springbrook Community Church   

March 19 & 26           Sunday Morning Worship (Peter)           Warrenville Bible Chapel, Warrenville, IL

April 1                        Rooted Young Adult Conference            Grace Community Bible Church, Grayslake, IL 

Sept 21-23                  Lake Ann Women's Retreat (Kelli)          Lake Ann Bible Camp, Lake Ann, MI

Oct 27                       Sword Girl Conference (Kelli)                  Torch of Faith Church, Grayslake, IL      

Oct 28-29                  Women's Retreat (Kelli)                           Woodside Bible Church of White Lake, Gull Lake, MI